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This community is based partly on communities such as 30_kisses and partly on a challenge issued to the kyou_kara_maou community last winter (2004). You can see the 25 drabbles I wrote for that holiday here [/shameless plugging]

This is a winter drabble community, based very very loosely on the 12 Days of Christmas. Pick a series, character, or pairing and write about them for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. You do not have to sign up - in the spirit of the season I think we can share our characters nicely, right? :) However, if everyone wants to talk about what they're writing, poke your head in here. More than one person can write about the same thing. There's no signup required, so just pick your topic and start posting on the first day. Or the second day. Or whenever you get around to it. Heck, you don't even have to stick with the same pairing/character/series for each day. Anything from drabble to full-length fic is just fine, though since there are 12 of them, I suggest shorter. I know how wordy some of you are, though!


All right, kids - until our chief mod, slytherinblack says otherwise, I'll be running things from here on out.

Because the questions/comments/concerns post wasn't posted by me, I don't get notifications when something comes in. Only because I want to stay on top of things, I'm going to change everything around so that I get e-mailed when there's a new comment.

Aside from that, a little bit of organizing will take place - and hopefully I don't cause any insult by taking over here.
Since Christmas inspired the creation of the community, the layout will stay primarily the same, for now.

slytherinblack's original userinfo page for the community and suggested themes can be found here.

Without further interruption, our new info page:


The idea is to write fanfics inspired by the holidays. There's no limitation on what holiday(s) you can write about, what fandom the story must be from, when your stories have to be written, or how many you choose to do.
The community is open all year round, any holiday is a welcome topic!
There is no limit to your imagination, so please respect the other members and don't try to limit their's.

Suggested Holidays - these holidays are in no way meant to be forced upon anyone, they are simply suggestions. Feel free to check back frequently since the list will be added to as often as possible for variety's sake.
Suggested Themes - Again, are in no way to be taken as mandatory. They are simply themes that relate to each holiday in some way or another available for anyone having writer's block.
Suggestions - Suggestions are more than welcome.
Misc. (Other) - Anything not covered that you wish to bring up can be posted here.
Rating - Confused about how to rate your fic? Some fics require ratings, so please check here.

Please do not fight with each other. No flames, no wars, no sporks, okay? We can all play nice, right? This isn't a challenge community, so there will be no claims. Anyone can write about anything they want, no matter what or who it is.

A suggested set up to follow is:
(If applicable)
Warning and further Author's Notes:

When posting, for the sake of neatness please put your story behind an LJ-cut.

I think that just about covers everything, if you see anything that you think should be added to the info page, you can comment to the suggestions post linked above.

Please keep in mind that the community is undergoing a serious makeover. Even though we were open last year, changes will be made at random while things get adjusted.

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Want to affiliate? Comment in the suggestions post linked above with a link to your community.
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