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Please rate your fic appropriately. Although this is not important with your light and fluffy fics a few restrictions will apply to avoid making anyone uncomfortable.

please state clearly before your cut if it is of graphic nature. No nudity, sexual action, violence or extreme language will be permitted without a warning and rating for your story. Some flexibility is allowed with ratings, as I'm sure we're all well aware that no one is capable of understanding how everyone is going to react to their story.
Any forms of extreme sexual situations require a clear warning before the cut.

Please keep in mind that not everyone has the same views for what is and what is not appropriate for all ages.

G - Would you bring children as young as five to see this story, if it were a movie? Is the atmosphere light and appropriate for all ages?
E - Everyone. Possible substitute for a G rating.
PG - Is there mild violence and or mild swearing involved in this story, but no sexual activities? Would you bring children as young as twelve to see this story, if it were a movie?
PG-13 - Is there mild violence and or swearing involved in this story? PG-13 is a stretchable rating, as long as things don't get too graphic in nature. Nothing more than sexual insinuation, however, we're still talking about minors.
T - Teen. Possible substitute for a PG-13 rating, sometimes used when the nature of the story exceeds PG-13, but is not enough to be considered R.
R - Violence, swearing and sexual content make an R rating. Depending on the degree of violence and sexual activity the rating should be NC-17.
NC-17 - All out anything goes, strictly ADULTS ONLY - no exceptions. Graphic sex, graphic violence any type of extreme anything goes under this category.
M - Possible substitute for either R or NC-17 rating.

Please keep in mind that this community is for holiday fics, and although I included every rating that I could think of it does not mean that every rating should be implemented into the community. Holiday fics are supposed to be fun, but I don't want to limit anyone from posting whatever inspires them. Use your judgement on what to post here, I won't be banning any fics based on content - as long as it somehow relates to a holiday.

If there are any other commonly used ratings in fanfiction that I have not mentioned here, please let me know and I'll add it
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