Misery Hates Company (miserywhip) wrote in 12daysofficmas,
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Time for a new year

All right, guys - another year, another holiday season.
I've been waiting, but so far no one's posted anything and I know some people watch the comm an may see this on their friends page, so here goes nothing.

Is there anyone that wants to participate in posting holiday fics in 12daysofficmas this year?
If there's interest, I'll start advertising it around (even though I'm only part of FMA comms, so I'll need some help for variety.)

Remember! The only criteria for fics is that it's holiday related. The holiday can be any holiday, and even though there are guidelines in the userinfo and suggestions for how to post and what to post nothing is a requirement. It's all in good fun!
Hope everyone's enjoying their winter - and I hope to hear from some of you soon!
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