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Day 12: #2

And here's ending number two...

Title: Purely Situational
Author: abarero
Theme: Day Twelve: present
Series: Detective Conan
Pairing: Heiji/Kazuha
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nothing really
Disclaimer:Detective Conan belongs to the great and wonderful Gosho Aoyama.
Anything else: References day 4, 8 and 10.

"It's not here! That...that...ahou!" Kazuha steamed, glaring about all the various objects in the room as if they were taunting her.

She was just...checking. Verifying her 'Christmas Wish’ and all that. Nothing more than that. No, there was no way Toyama Kazuha was snooping about in Heiji's room for the necklace- that by her deductions should either be sitting wrapped under the Christmas tree for his Mother or on her neck. But since it was in neither of those locations- she had to revert to her 'Heiji is so dead next time I see him' instincts.

Namely, that the necklace had been given away that very morning (when Heiji claimed he was out running errands) to another person. Someone, Kazuha figured, could be anyone from the girl in Kyoto he'd mentioned in the past to some new fling he was having while feigning he was at Kendo practice.

Whatever the reason though, she was not about to let him live much longer to brag about it. Sitting herself down on his bed with a 'hmph,' Kazuha waited for him to return from his supposed errands.


Heiji had a bad feeling about this whole necklace situation from the start. First of all, getting an expensive necklace brought to your window by a dove didn't exactly bode well in the legality department. But after a quick check with Kudo, that had been explained pretty well. Apparently the whole holiday season had turned into a who owed who standoff between the shrunken detective and the legendary thief, Kaitou KID. In the end, Conan had helped him save face in front of his girl and therefore was rewarded with some pretty pricey gifts. A ring, which Conan planned to give to Ran as Shinichi- and a necklace left with his Osaka counterpart in hopes that Kazuha didn't pitch a fit over Ran's gift.

But the feeling of unease magnified when he came back from his errand to find Kazuha in his room. She was sitting on the bed, glaring at him as if he was the most despicable creature; of course- Heiji knew this had to do with the necklace.

He'd found it out of place when he'd gotten it out recently to once again run a check on it's legality, and the strand of hair by it gave the culprit away immediately. Kazuha had seen it, and knowing her, had gotten some wild idea about who it was for.

"Kazuha..." He said, voice modulated. Taking off his coat and tossing it on the floor, he continued, "What are you doing here, hmm?"

Her steely glare didn't waver, "Ahou, I should be the one asking about what you've been doing."

"You mean...running an errand?"

She scoffed, "If you want to call it that."

Yep, Heiji sighed, Kazuha had gotten some crazy idea in her head again. Not wanting to give everything away, he sat down at his desk.

"Look. I had to exchange an item for something else. That was all. Do I need to call the store to have them be my alibi?"

Crossing her arms, she thought a moment before standing, "Then let me see it."

"See what?" Heiji retorted.

"Whatever you exchanged the necklace for. Let's see it, if that's what you were really doing."

Running a hand up through his hair, the teen detective sighed. If there was one person's interrogation he dreaded- it was Kazuha's. But this time, she'd left herself wide open for a rebuttal...

"Wait a second, I never told you it was a necklace!"

"Yes you did," She bluffed, edging closer.

"No, I didn't."

"Whatever, let me see it."

"No!" Heiji yelled back. He knew, at all costs, he couldn't let Kazuha see inside the small box in his pocket. Not yet, at least.

But, as always, Kazuha was not about to take this situation sitting down.

"Ahou! Let me see it!" She practically jumped him, Heiji dodged.

"I told you, you can't!"

The two stood now, eying each other warily and watching for the next move. Heiji pulled the small box from his pocket (definitely not keen on the idea of Kazuha groping about in his pants to retrieve it) and held it firmly in his hand. Inevitably, their bickering and chase continued.

"Why? Does it have your girlfriend's name engraved on it?"

"I don't have a girlfriend!"

"Oh, so it's just a gift for someone you picked up off the street then?"


Before either of them could say much more, Kazuha pounced knocking them both towards Heiji's bed. Catching him off guard completely, she managed to pin Heiji down.

For a moment, she just had to grin at her success. She was so intent on finding out the contents of the box that Kazuha didn't even notice at first what a precarious position she'd gotten them into.

"Um...Kazuha?" Heiji's voice had gone from angered to downright quiet and nervous. That alone finally snapped Kazuha back to the situation.

Her eyes quickly swept over their two bodies and she gulped, desperately trying to force back the blush she knew was rising to her cheeks. She opened her mouth to speak, but found herself at a loss for words. Then again, realizing that she was currently on Heiji's bed, straddling him and holding his arms down didn't exactly help her articulate what she wanted to say.

Nervously, she glanced to the hand that held the small box. Below her, she could hear Heiji sigh in resignation.

"It's for you, okay? That's all I'm saying or it'll ruin the surprise," He practically whispered.

Kazuha just gaped, ""

"Yes. Now..." Heiji cleared his throat, "Could you please get off me?"

"Oh! Sorry!"

She started to shift her weight to move, but her socks slid against the sheets and Kazuha ended up falling forward. And coinciding with her earlier luck, her lips fell directly down onto Heiji's lips; leaving them both equally wide-eyed and embarrassed.

Kazuha practically bolted off the bed then, retreating to the far corner of the room and covering her mouth in embarrassment. Heiji, still somewhat in shock himself, slowly sat up on the bed.

"A-ahou! If you hadn't been getting into my stuff!" He stammered, trying to hide his own flustered state with false anger.

"Well if you hadn't been sneaking around hiding such things!" Kazuha retorted, turning to face him.

"It's a Christmas gift, it's supposed to be a secret!"

"Excuse me for accidentally coming across it! Maybe if you weren't so bad about leaving your amulet lying around!"

"Either way, you didn't have to jump to all these crazy assumptions!"

"Ahou, it's not like I'd expect you to buy me a nice necklace! Maybe if you actually got me fancy gifts more often-"

"Hey! You were the one who not-so-secretly dropped hints about wanting something like this!"

"And it's not like I ever expected you to listen!"

The yelling, combined with the earlier scuffle, had drawn the attention of Heiji's Mother. Standing in the doorway, she shook her head as she watched the two friends bicker back and forth.

"May I ask what in the world you two are fighting about this time?" She questioned.

Neither one thinking first- Mrs. Hattori was met with a chorus of "he/she kissed me" and the two immediately fell quiet. Shizuka blinked before turning to call down the hallway.

"Dear, please call Toyama-san and invite him over to dinner. It looks like we have something to discuss."

"Mom!" Heiji protested, still bright red.

Kazuha followed suit, "It's really not necessary, it was just an accident."

Shizuka turned and smiled at the two, "Heiji, your Father and I will be going out for lunch. Please behave yourselves."

Heiji sighed, "Yes, Mother."

"Good," She turned and went down the hallway leaving the two teens stunned in her wake.

" Christmas dinner is going to be chaos," He muttered once he'd heard the front door close.

"Ahou, it's always chaos," Kazuha muttered back, sitting down in the chair.

"Look um...Kazuha?"

She glanced up, "Hmm?"

Rubbing the back of his head, Heiji cracked a nervous smile, "Well, I was going to give it to you after dinner, but since it looks like we'll both be wanting to run and die of embarrassment after tonight I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it to you early."

Kazuha nodded, blushing a bit to herself, "Sorry about all this."

"Eh, they'd find something else to make a production of tonight if it wasn't us."


"So," He managed, tossing the box over to her.

Holding back a quip about how 'eloquent' his presentation was, Kazuha slowly opened it. Her eyes lit up as she realized what it was.

"This is a..."

"Blue Sapphire, like you said. I know our amulets are already sort of a promise, but I thought...well, added protection couldn't hurt- right?"

"Heiji..." She hastily sat the box aside and stood to embrace him, "Thank you so much."

He smiled, wrapping his arms around her, "So I take it you're not mad about that whole necklace-other girl-whatever thing right?"

Kazuha shook her head, "Ahou..."

They fell silent for a moment, before Heiji nervously laughed.

"You know, I can't believe we were fighting over you know...what happened earlier."

"Yah," She replied, equally nervous, "It was kind of stupid to fight over... that."

Looking up, Kazuha's eyes locked with Heiji's.

"Hey Heiji..."


They leaned a little closer.

"You're such an idiot, you know that?"

"So are you."

Once again, they leaned closer until their faces were mere centimeters apart.

"Ahou, now I'm going to have to get you a better gift," She whispered, eyes sliding closed.

"You should've thought about that before... making... such...high demands," Heiji murmured, closing the distance and whispering a faint 'ahou' before pressing his lips against Kazuha's.

"Oi Hei-chan, are you..." The voice cut off, the two pulled apart with wide eyes and Heiji started mentally plotting how to dig a hole and crawl in it.

"Um...hello, Otaki-keibu," Kazuha managed.

The officer grinned, "I figured something was up when your Father asked me to drop by and check on you. All right, I'll be downstairs pretending I didn't see anything..."

"Otaki, wait!" Heiji spoke up.

"What is it, Hei-chan?"


Otaki smiled, "If you need to ask advice, talk to me later," He replied with a wink.

Heiji went back to dying of embarrassment. But as they heard Otaki retreating downstairs, Kazuha cleared her throat.

"Okay, let's go."

"Go? Go where?" Heiji asked, wondering what Kazuha was planning.

"We're going shopping so you can pick out your gift," She replied, sliding the ring on her finger with a smile and picking up her coat.

"Ahou, it's the day before Christmas. The stores are going to be packed!"

Shrugging, Kazuha headed for the door.

"Would you rather stay here and wait for your parents to come back? Otaki-keibu might just slip and mention seeing something, you know."

Snatching up his coat from the floor, Heiji grabbed Kazuha's arm and led her out the door.

"Right, right- let's go. No time to lose!"

The two rushed downstairs, quickly muttering their goodbyes to Otaki as they ran out the door. Shaking his head, the officer flipped on the TV with a smile.

"It was about time they hooked up..."
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