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On the ninth day of Christmas

Title: The Meaning of the Prince
Author: abarero
Theme: Day Nine: ballet/Nutcracker
Series: Detective Conan
Pairing: Conan(Shinichi)/Ran, Sonoko/Makoto
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing really.
Disclaimer: Detective Conan belongs to the great and wonderful Gosho Aoyama.
Anything else: Had to go and get Sonoko and Makoto in on one of these ^^;

It wasn't exactly what he would have expected as an early Christmas present from his parents, that was for certain. Glaring at the two pieces of paper, Conan frowned.

"Oi, just because I look seven doesn't mean I am anymore!"

Sulky sitting down on the couch, he pondered what could have given them the idea that he wanted to sit through watching a stupid ballet. Little did he know, his answer was right there all along- namely a certain young lady with long brown hair.

She'd been getting something from her room when she heard Conan come in. And on seeing the young boy looking so down, Ran quickly went over to see what had happened.

"What's the matter Conan-kun? Did something..." Her eyes caught sight of the tickets he held and her face lit up, "Are those tickets to the sold-out performance of the Nutcracker that that famous ballet troupe is performing tonight?"

"I guess," He muttered.

"Wow! You're so lucky, Conan-kun. I'd love to go see it, but I'm sure you're already taking someone special along with you, right?"

His eyes locked with hers and he instantly knew why his parents had sent these tickets his way. Narrowing his eyes, he inwardly sighed at his parents.

"Father... if this is your way out of getting stuck watching ballet with Mother and trying to play matchmaker, I'm not the least bit amused."

"So... who's the lucky girl?" Ran questioned, sitting down beside him.

Conan just blushed, "Um...well...actually, I was going to ask you," He gulped, knowing he had to be sounding incredibly stupid at the moment, "But if you don't want to I'm sure I can just ask the Professor or someone else to come."

Ran blinked, the words sinking in; seconds later, she was hugging Conan tightly against her.

"Conan-kun, I'd love too! That's just so sweet of you," She gushed.

Shinichi just blushed brighter red and desperately wished he was not as up-close and personal with Ran's chest as he was at that moment.

"Ran-neechan..." He stammered.

Finally, she let her vice-grip go, "Ahh, I'm so sorry. I was just so excited; I got a bit carried away. Now, why don't we both go get changed and then we can stop somewhere nice and get dinner on the way."

"Won't your Dad be mad if you don't fix him something?"

"Eh, I'll leave him some instant ramen. If he gets desperate then perhaps it'll give him more incentive to go talk to Mom," Ran remarked with a wink.

Conan shook his head, "Like that's going to happen..."

They arrived at the theater a little before the show began and Ran paused to point out a few things on the poster for the performance. It was then that they noticed a familiar face standing nearby.

"Sonoko!" Ran called out, walking over to her friend, "What are you doing here?"

The girl scoffed, "Dad gave me the tickets and said I could use it for a date, but it's probably just because he didn't want to come with Mom."

Conan rolled his eyes, "Sounds like another Father I know..."

"So then, where is he?"

"He? Who he?"

"Kyougoku-san, of course."

Sonoko fidgeted, "Well..."

"Sonoko, don't tell me you brought someone else!"

"No! It's just..." She looked to her phone, "I told him to come here today, but he hasn't called back so..."

Ran put an arm around Sonoko's shoulders, "I'm sure he'll be here. He's probably just running late."

"Oh sure, you can be optimistic about it. Look at you and Shinichi! He never calls and yet you two are still practically married."

"Oi, oi...I do too call!", Shinichi thought to himself, trying desperately to hide his blush at the girls comment.

"Sonoko... This isn't about me and Shinichi, this is about you and Kyougoku-san. His heart's in the right place, even if he's a bit awkward about it. Sure, he has to run off and pursue his dream- but he still cares about you, I'm sure of it."

Wiping a stray dramatic-tear away, Sonoko perked right up, "I guess you're right. I mean, who wouldn't be positively smitten with me anyways?"

Ran laughed nervously, "Uh... right. So where are your seats?"

"It's in the executive box, probably far from your..." Sonoko paused as she noticed Ran gaping down at the tickets Conan held.

"Conan-kun, how did you get these?"

He laughed nervously, "Uncle and Auntie Kudo said they couldn't come, so they gave me theirs."

"Then that means..."

"Right this way," The usher said, leading the three into the executive box.

"Wow, who would have thought that we'd get to see this together- right Ran?"

"Mmmhm, and in such wonderful seats at that."

The lights blinked to indicate that the show was about to start and Sonoko glanced around anxiously. On not seeing what she was looking for, she sighed dejectedly.

"But... it looks like he's not coming."

Ran got up and went to the usher by the stairs, "Sir, could you make sure if there's someone looking for a Suzuki Sonoko that they'll be brought here right away?"

"Of course, ma'am."

Returning to her seat, Ran patted Sonoko's hand, "There now, if he comes a bit late he'll be able to find us."

Sonoko frowned, "He probably had some tournament today and forgot all about it."

Obviously thinking about a certain someone else, Ran shook her head, "They do sometimes get a little too caught up in their dreams, don't they?"


The ballet was more interesting than Conan figured it would be. Sure, he knew the story- but something about watching it live and watching Ran react to it gave it a whole different meaning. At various parts, she'd point out things or make remarks here and there.

"You know Conan-kun, Shinichi actually reminds me of someone in this..." She'd said near the start.

Conan had asked who, but she just winked and said, "You'll know once it's over."

Intermission came and went, and Ran was glad to see that Sonoko was enjoying herself despite the fact that Makoto still hadn't arrived. But as the end of the ballet neared, Shinichi found that he still couldn't understand what Ran meant about one of the characters being him.

Then, as the character Marie woke up after her dream- it all started to come together. There was the knock on the door, and Marie answered it to find Herr Drosselmeyer and his nephew waiting outside.

"See, Conan. There he is. Although he'd been under the spell as the nutcracker, the Prince was always there to protect Marie. It's just like Shinichi- he always seems to call right when I feel like I need him the most."

Conan nodded, taking each and every one of those words to heart. Little did Ran know, Shinichi was more like the Prince than she first thought.

"Although," Conan thought to himself, "The idea of Gin and Vodka dressed up as the evil rats who cursed the Prince is quite the mental image."

As the audience applauded and the cast took their bows, another knock drew their attention to the door to their executive box. Sonoko rushed to answer it, ready to give whoever dared be there a piece of her mind.

But all her anger seemed to disappear as she noticed Makoto standing there. He had more bandages on his face than usual and he was breathing heavily. On seeing Sonoko, his face lit up.

"Sonoko-san, I made it."

"Made it?" She yelled, "You came too late! The show's over!"

Makoto blinked, "Oh. I meant I made it to finals and won- see?"

He held out a golden medal and shyly rubbed the side of his head, "I would have called but I didn't want to interrupt the performance for you."

"" Sonoko paused in her tirade as she felt the weight of the medal being hung around her neck, "Makoto?"

"I won it just for you, Sonoko-san. It can be...sort of an early Christmas, right?" He said blushing.

Sonoko smiled at that, blushing and looking down at the medal, "Really? For me?"

He nodded. Nearby, Ran and Conan just exchanged a knowing glance.

"I had a feeling he'd come just at the right time," Ran remarked, watching the two.

"How's that, Ran-neechan?"

She smiled and tapped Conan on the nose, "Because a man in love always comes to save his princess."


As they walked home that evening, Conan couldn't help but think back to some of things Ran had said earlier that day.

"He has to run off and pursue his dream- but he still cares about you, I'm sure of it. Sure, they do sometimes get a little too caught up in their dreams, don't they? But they always come back, because a man in love always comes to save his princess."

Wondering if it was indeed what he suspected, he posed the innocent question.

"Ran-neechan, is Shinichi-niisan your Prince?"

Ran turned bright red and blinked, "Conan-kun! What are you asking that for?"

"It was what you said earlier to Sonoko-neechan. It was like you were talking about someone important to you as well."

Pausing on the front steps, she looked off down the street. Then with a shy smile, she bent down and whispered to Conan.

"Now don't tell Shinichi, okay?"

Conan mutely nodded, watching as she headed up the stairs. Little did Ran know, she'd already told Shinichi herself. Following her up the stairs, he couldn't help but smile at her words.

Shinichi is... well, he's like a Prince that's on a mission. His mission might come first, perhaps because he doesn't want others hurt; but when it comes down to it- he tries his best to be there. But that's okay, I guess. I'll wait until he can come home for good.

Thinking to the days ahead of him, Conan shook his head.

"And sometimes your idiot Prince goes through a lot of damn pain just to get back home. But hey- it's always worth it for you, Ran."

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