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On the eighth day of Christmas...

Title: Cooking up Chaos
Author: abarero
Theme: Day Eight: baking cookies
Series: Detective Conan
Pairing: Conan(Shinichi)/Ran, Heiji/Kazuha
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing really.
Disclaimer: Detective Conan belongs to the great and wonderful Gosho Aoyama.
Anything else: As part of the continuity of these, this somewhat references the events in day five's theme.

The incriminating evidence was right there in plain sight. It was so painfully obvious that even Kogoro, while drunk and ranting about Yoko, could probably see it and laugh at how blatant the person was flaunting it.

Yet, there was nothing he could do about it. He was framed- set up by a beautiful woman with a sweet smile and a powerful karate kick. Seriously, Conan muttered under his breath, how could any person in his situation say no?

And so- there he sat atop a stool wearing the thing like a red-flag. If anyone who knew his true identity were to see it, Shinichi was well aware he would probably never live it down. Ran, on the other hand, just smiled and said he was adorable.

Adorable on Conan? Perhaps. Possible life-scarring jokes to be made by those knowing he's Shinichi? Most likely.

Glaring down once again at the offensive piece of cloth, Conan meekly tugged at it.

"Ran-neechan, do I really..."

She turned towards him, tense smile in place and a warning gleam in her eyes.

"Yes. We can't have you getting dirty and that's the only one I have that'll fit you even half-way decently."

Conan looked at it again and bit his lip. Nope, even if he was lucky enough to have no one but Ran see him like this- he himself was not ever going to live this down. Conan or not, Kudo Shinichi sitting in a pink apron and helping Ran bake cookies was just not something that could easily be forgotten.

And much like the fact he could never go anywhere without some crime happening, Conan was doomed from the start to have some unexpected guests drop by to visit.

On the first knock, Conan estimated how fast he could run to the bathroom and hide. At the second knock, he was starting to pull the apron off. But, on the third knock- his plans were thwarted in a second as Ran picked him up off the stool and walked with him to the door.

"Coming!" She called out.

Looking about frantically for an escape, Shinichi realized he was doomed the second the door swung open and none other than Hattori Heiji grinned down at him and started laughing.

"Hattori-kun!" Ran said cheerfully, then noticing that he was completely caught up in laughing at Conan, she frowned, "What's so funny?"

"Ku-Ku--" He winced and corrected himself, "Kiddo here. Pink's just not his color, Neechan."

Ran put her hands on her hips, about to give Heiji an earful when she was promptly beaten to it.

"Ahou! Why don't we stick you in and see how you like being laughed at, eh?" Kazuha retorted, walking in the door.

"Oi, oi- that's not necessary...."

Hiding a positively evil smirk, Conan looked up at the girls innocently, "Well, if Heiji-san really wants to wear it..."

Kazuha and Ran exchanged a look and moments later, Heiji found himself wearing another equally offensive pink apron.

"What - do you collect these things?"

Ran scoffed, "They were my Mother's. Come on, Kazuha-chan. Let's work on these cookies while these two help."

Heading over to the counter, the two girls started talking. Apparently, Heiji had come into Tokyo to pick up a specialty gift his Mother wanted to get for his Father. Of course, Kazuha tagged along and of course, they just had to stop by and visit Ran and Conan.

As the girls began to chat away about Christmas and the way they wanted to decorate the cookies, Conan and Heiji slipped out into the hallway. After quickly removing the pink aprons as if the fabric was on fire, they both laughed a bit at each other.

"You are so lucky you're a kid right now, Kudo. Of course, I'll remember this and make sure to remind Ran once you get around to telling her the details so she can laugh at it too."

"How very kind of you," Conan muttered sarcastically. "Now what is it you really wanted to talk about?"

Heiji shrugged, realizing that the other teen-detective had easily read his actions and knew he wanted to get alone so they could talk in private.

"Well, it's actually about something I got recently. By dove-mail, if you could call it that..."

Looking up to make sure the girls were still busy, Heiji fished something out of his pocket.

"You know anything about this necklace? The note seemed to hint that you'd be able to fill me in."

Thinking back to the incident a few days earlier with Kaitou KID and the ring he'd received- Conan knew immediately what it must be.

"Consider it a Christmas gift from KID."

Heiji's eyes widened, "You're joking. Why would KID just drop off an expensive necklace at my house?"

"Because he owed me," Conan replied, leaning back against the door. "He probably knew if Ran got a fancy ring for Christmas, Kazuha would kill you if you didn't give her something nice too."

"Wait a second, how did KID end up owing you a ring?"

Hearing Ran calling for them, Conan shrugged and begrudgingly picked the apron up off the ground.

"It's a long story I'll have to fill you in on later. But if you're worried about it being legit, drop it by Professor Agasa's to have him check it out. The ring I got is there now, and he's still finding it classified as a legal piece of jewelry."

"So you're really going to give Ran a ring? But..." Heiji paused, smug grin on his face, "If you're still stuck as Conan won't the marriage proposal be a bit awkward?"

Conan turned bright red, glaring and stammering, "Proposal- Heiji what in the... how did you get that idea?!"

Heiji laughed, "Okay, just joking with ya Kudo. Well, as fishy as it sounds I know KID's right about one thing."

"Heiji! You ahou, get back in here!" Kazuha's voice echoed from the other room.

Nodding as if that just emphasized his point, he sighed, "If Ran's getting a ring, I'll have to get Kazuha something nice after all... I mean," Heiji blushed, "Not that I was getting her something crappy or anything just- well, I think this will mean more. As her friend of course!"

Shaking his head, Conan muttered, "Whatever you say, Heiji."

Heading back in before the girls continued to yell at them, the two whispered a few last words.

"So you'll call me tonight and tell me about this KID thing, right?"

"Yah, but it might be rather late."

"Why's that?"

Conan motioned Heiji closer and he whispered in his ear. Heiji blinked before smiling down at his shrunken-friend.

"So you are going to try and make a Kudo-sized appearance for her. You sap."

"Hey!" Shinichi retorted with a blush.

Walking back in before Heiji could tease him further or Ran could continue yelling for them to come back in, Conan shook his head.

"As if you aren't getting sentimental about giving Kazuha that necklace, you dolt. Don't even start with me on being a sap."

It didn't take long before the two girls had corralled them both back into the kitchen to make the final touches on the cookies. When it came time to add decorations to the Christmas-themed cookies, the group barely managed to get started before a frosting-war broke out and they all started drawing on each other. Conan and Ran had both drawn various swiggles and dots; while Heiji and Kazuha both ended up with red and green ahous written on their faces.

As the absurdity of the situation kicked in, they all laughed; finally turning their attention to the cookies themselves.

After cleaning things up and enjoying a few of their hard-earned cookies, the four decided that they'd get together again on Christmas to celebrate. Conan smiled at that, feeling like even though only one of the three others knew who he really was- he was fitting in with the group of friends Shinichi would have if he was there.

Sending Kazuha and Heiji on their way with a small tin filled with half of the remaining cookies, Ran came over and sat down beside Conan on the couch.

"That was certainly fun, don't you think Conan-kun?"

He nodded, "Though next time, Ran-neechan- I don't think Heiji-san or I really want to wear pink aprons."

Ran laughed and ruffled Conan's hair.

"Okay, okay. No pink ones, I promise."

And as a light snowfall began again outside, Conan dozed off next to Ran on the couch. The two of them exhausted after their baking escapade and soundly asleep until Kogoro returned later that evening. Christmas wasn't there quite yet, but the spirit was alive and well already. And that alone, gave Conan the hope that his plans too would work out.

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