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On the Tenth Day of Christmas

Title: Luck of the Ten
Author: abarero
Theme: Day Ten: the number 10
Series: Detective Conan/Magic Kaito (and one little cameo from the Yaiba cast)
Pairing: Conan(Shinichi)/Ran, Heiji/Kazuha, Kaito/Aoko (mentions of Mitsuhiko/Haibara and Takagi/Sato)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing really.
Disclaimer: Detective Conan belongs to the great and wonderful Gosho Aoyama.
Anything else: Yay, I un-broke my muses ^^;

It was clear that she was up to no good, Kaito noted with a frown as he noticed Akako smirking. Then again, anytime Akako looked particularly happy or devious- Kaito worried. And considering some of her prior stunts, he had ever reason to be concerned.

But this time, it seemed like she had an accomplice (well, aside from Lucifer and whatever other demons she cared to summon) and that made Kaito all the more nervous. Her cell phone had rang mid-class that day (it's ominous tune of "Night on Bald Mountain" making the entire room feel ill at ease) and after that, she'd just been very smirky and shady acting.

And since, he had due cause to believe that whatever it was she was up to probably involved him or his more infamous alias- Kaito took it upon himself to follow her that day after school.

She'd rummaged through every drawer, nook and cranny of the room- finally unearthing the small amulet and letting Heiji run off to solve a case. Waving him off with a smile, Kazuha's face quickly shifted to a scowl the second he was out of sight.

"He's gonna need that amulet for more than this case if this is what I think it is..."

Going back to the bottom of the sock drawer, she gently lifted out the strange box she'd spotted earlier. Glancing about to make sure no one was coming, she lifted the lid off and frowned.

Inside was a beautiful necklace, the gold sparkling as the light hit it; but Kazuha was skeptical- very skeptical- about who the necklace was for.

"Heiji's not confessed any sort of feelings, so it's probably not for me... Maybe, he's helping his father hide it from his mother? Or...what if he..."

Cutting off her thought, her mind returned to her first instinct on seeing the box- Heiji got a piece of jewelry for another woman. Quickly stuffing the box back where she'd found it, Kazuha headed down the stairs and said her goodbyes to Mrs. Hattori.

Pulling out her cell phone and a folded newspaper clipping, Kazuha took a deep breath and dialed.

"I didn't want to resort to this, but that ahou has left me no other choice!"

Mitsuhiko was desperate. He'd returned the book he'd originally gotten for Haibara-san's Christmas gift after deciding she wouldn't like it. Now, he was completely stumped as to what to get her.

She wasn't the 'girly' type, like Ayumi, who would be glad to get a teddy-bear or something like that. And sure, Haibara liked computers; but it would be hard to figure out what kind of computer games she wouldn't get bored with.

Dejectedly sitting on the bench at the park, he tried to think on what she could possibly want. Before any idea could hit him, a wind-blown newspaper did instead.

"Ack! Wait...what is this?" Looking down at the small ad, he blinked, "Well, it's worth a try."

Reaching into his backpack, he dug out a piece of paper. Putting his pen to the page, he began to write.

"Now, I just have to present my case in the most sympathetic way..."

Ran was tired. Between a long day at school and then some rigorous karate training, she was fully prepared to come home, fix dinner, and get a good night's sleep. Little did she know, her Father had other plans.

"I'm home!" She called, coming into the office.

Kogoro sat up from where he sat slumped at his desk and held out a rolled newspaper in her direction.

"It's about time. Now we have to hurry and get down to this new restaurant to claim our prize."

"Our prize?"

Standing, he quickly took her bag from her hand, tossed it to the couch, and headed for the door.

"You're one of the ten winners, so we have to hurry."

"Tousan! I didn't even enter anything!"

Kogoro smirked, "Well thanks to my quick thinking you have. Hah ha! Aren't you so lucky as to have me as a Father?"

Ran looked skeptical, while a familiar voice started to read the article from the newspaper.

"The Demon's Kitchen. A new restaurant and bar, complete with its own fortune teller on staff to see into your future. As a special Grand Opening feature, we're giving ten lucky winners a free dinner and a charm from our fortune teller to grant one Christmas wish. Write or call in with the reasons why you deserve this prize. Winners will be announced at 4 p.m. on December 22. Good luck!" Conan read, glancing up at Ran, "Ran-neechan, what's with this circled article?"

She sighed, glaring at her Father.

"Tousan! Don't use me to get you free drinks!" Ran reprimanded before turning to Conan, "Conan-kun, we're going out to eat since someone apparently entered me in this contest."

Shinichi frowned as the words of the article echoed in his mind.

"I have a feeling that somehow that bumbling detective dragged me into this..."

"So what did you write in to get Ran-neechan to win?" He asked innocently as they waited for a cab.

Kogoro shrugged, "Just some babble about how that Kudo is a good-for-nothing. I'm sure the people there just felt so sorry for her and had to let her win."

"Oi, oi... it's not like I want to be stuck like this!" Shinichi thought to himself, before worriedly glancing at Ran.

"Ran-neechan, are you okay?"

Her tense smile snapped into place, "I'm fine, Conan-kun. I just wish Otousan had let me write my own letter."

The trio loaded into the taxi cab and headed downtown. Meanwhile, Conan tried to figure out exactly what was going through Ran's mind.

"It sounds like she would have entered it anyways, but still... I don't mean to seem like such a horrible person to her. Whatever this wish of hers is- I just hope I can live up to it."

The restaurant was crowded with news cameras, onlookers and the ten lucky people who'd won the contest. Entering the place, Conan noticed that several familiar faces were there. Ran quickly went over to the winner's line and began talking with Kazuha who'd also made the top ten. Behind them, Mitsuhiko talked to Officer Takagi while Ayumi and Genta waited at a nearby table.

Thinking to himself, Conan wondered if Haibara would make some dreary comment if she was there about how he must be letting his bad luck rub off on others to the point they had to wish it away. That of course, brought his mind to the matter he'd discussed with her and Professor Agasa. But before he could think over it any longer, a familiar voice cut in.

"Well, it looks like I'm not the only one here to spy on someone," Kaito remarked casually.

Looking up, Conan spotted Aoko in the winning ten and easily figured things out, "Hoping she doesn't wish KID's death or something like that?"

"If I get desperate, I'll talk the fortune teller into talking Aoko out of it," He said with a shrug.

"You know her?"

"Heh, she's some nutcase that goes to my school. Apparently the restaurant called her up to help with publicity. I'd actually followed her after school because I thought she might be cursing me again."

"Sounds like your life's an adventure as well."

The odd duo watched as the announcer listed off the names of the ten winners and they lined up in front of the small room where their fortunes would be read.

Shrugging, Kaito started to saunter that way, "Well, little detective- I've got to go make sure Akako doesn't curse anyone."

"Heh. All right, but let's put off any challenges until after Christmas. Is that a deal?"

Glancing to Aoko, Kaito smiled, "Unless something comes into town last minute I should be able to agree to that."


"So he got a present for another girl?" Ran asked.

Kazuha nodded, "It has to be! Why else would he have that?"

"It could be for you, you know."

She blushed, "No way! Heiji's just... he wouldn't get me something that nice, would he?"

Ran smirked, "Perhaps someone gave him a nudge in the right direction this year."

"That ahou would take more than a nudge to realize some things..."

Their conversation came to a hush as the announcer ushered the first winner into the room. After the name was announced, a young brown-haired girl with a ponytail nervously entered.

"Wow, I wonder what her story was..." Kazuha murmured, shifting the subject elsewhere than her and Heiji.

Ran tapped her chin, "Who knows. I'm sure the top ten had to be really something to win though."

"That reminds me, I told you mine- what was yours?"

Sighing, Ran pointed to her Father, "You'd have to ask him for specifics since he entered it without me knowing. But I have a feeling he wrote something about Shinichi never being around for me..."

"Well that sounds like a sob-story winner to me. Especially since it's almost Christmas. So, have you heard from him today?"

Ran shook her head, "Just the usual 'I'm busy with a case' message on his voice mail. I've just... not felt right leaving a message."

"Then use your wish to get him home for Christmas!" Kazuha said hopefully.

Beside her, Ran smiled sadly, "But if he's busy then..."

Before she could say more, her cell phone rang. Looking around to make sure it was indeed hers, she answered it.




Conan smirked from where he stood across the room, thankful for the crowd hiding him as he placed the call.

"I heard on the news you won something, congratulations."

"He must have known you were missing him," Kazuha whispered to Ran. She just shushed her and turned back to the phone.

"Thanks but um..." She winced trying to figure out how to word things.

"I was actually calling for another reason as well," Shinichi murmured, hoping that he wasn't going to regret making this promise.

"Oh, what's that?"

"Well, I should be able to drop by Christmas Eve and I was wondering when a good time would be."

Ran's eyes widened, "You mean you'll..."

"I'll make it work somehow, Ran. I promise you that. So what time?"

"Um... about eight? I think Dad will be visiting Megure about then so you won't have to worry about him bothering you."

Shinichi blinked, then not being able to help himself, he had to tease, "So you want us to be alone? Just what kind of present are you giving me, Ran?"

"Shinichi! You idiot, don't think like that! I just..."

"Okay, okay. Sorry, I couldn't help it. I'll be there as close to eight as I can. If an emergency comes up or I'll be late, I'll call."

"Okay..." Ran murmured.

"Well, I'd best go..."

"Shinichi- wait!"

He paused, "What?"

"Just...well, thank you. Looks like I might not need this Christmas wish thing after all."

"Ran..." Shinichi smiled, "Just don't curse me instead, okay?"

"Okay," She replied, barely able to contain her happiness, "Bye Shinichi. See you on Christmas Eve."

"Bye, Ran. See you then."


"You know, it's rather distracting to have you hovering like that," Akako admonished the shadowy figure on the ceiling of the room.

Kaito retorted back, "Just wouldn't want you cursing innocents or something else weird to express your love for them."

"I'm not going to lose my part-time job over a mere curse. If they really anger me, I'll curse them later."

He laughed nervously, "Oh that's reassuring."

"Watch if you will, this is a perfectly legit business."

And sure enough, the first girl came and went without a single shred of a curse being planted. Mine Sayaka, Kaito noted, was another student at their school. She'd wished that her Christmas wasn't as chaotic as the year before and that Yaiba didn't attack their Christmas tree again. Akako gave her a piece of paper and told the girl to place it on the boy's forehead if he started getting out of line. Kaito just hoped it wouldn't kill the weird little samurai boy he'd seen running through their school's hallways.

About to leave on seeing that Akako seemed to be holding true to her word, she stopped him as another shadow entered the door.

"You might want to hear this one, Kuroba-kun."

Of course, next was none other than one Nakamori Aoko.

After some quick simple fortune work, things Kaito noted that any detective or over-observant person could probably pick up; Akako gave her the slip for the wish.

"Just make any wish you want and write it there. I will then give you a charm to ensure it works."

Aoko paused, thinking hard about it. Meanwhile, Kaito was sweating bullets and hoped that this didn't mark his demise.

Finally, he could make out her handwriting as she jotted the wish down.

My wish is that KID doesn't cause any trouble this Christmas. For once, I'd like to spent Christmas with my Dad and my friends without any heist going on. And maybe if there's no chaos then Kaito won't keep running off in the middle of my party (probably to watch the news on the KID heist, since he seems to like defending that idiot).

Akako read it over and handed Aoko a jewel on a gold chain.

"Wear this jewel on Christmas and only take it off if the man you love asks you to."

Aoko nodded and with a smile took the necklace, "Okay. Thanks Akako-chan."

Casting a sideways glance towards the ceiling, Akako waved her off, "Just doing my job, Nakamori-san."

The second she left, Kaito dropped down from the ceiling, "Very cute, Akako. What are you up to with the jewel anyways?"

"You heard me, right? She'll take the necklace off if the man she loves asks. You can inspect it then, KID."

Kaito paused a moment before blushing, "Hey now...that better not be a trap."

Akako shrugged, "If it makes you happy then... well, enjoy your Christmas holiday- Kuroba-kun."


Conan waited outside the room as the others talked about their fortunes and what they wished for. Takagi, as they all suspected, hoped that his date with Sato went well. Mitsuhiko wished that he'd find the perfect gift for Haibara-san. Kazuha wished that the necklace she found in Heiji's room was actually for his Mother and not for another woman. Leaving Ran to exit and talk about hers.

Finally, the brown-haired girl came out and smiled at the group. "All right, got mine."

Kazuha smirked, "So let's hear it. What's the wish?"

Blushing Ran, cleared her throat and whispered it to Kazuha, "That not a single murder or crime will happen when Shinichi comes to visit me. That way, he won't have to run off in the middle of things again."

Nodding, Kazuha sighed, "Ahh yes. Heiji's just as bad about that, you know?"

As the two girls conversed, Conan overheard the news crew talking about how they were packing up to go to Osaka. Apparently, Heiji had successfully solved a murder case and they wanted it to make the night news.

Walking over to the table where Kogoro already sat eating and drinking his fill, Shinichi thought about Ran's wish and had to stifle a laugh.

"I guess that was the best wish after all. I mean, I definitely have a better chance of turning back to my real self than making sure there's no crimes to distract me once I'm back. Smart thinking there, Ran. Now it's just up to me to uphold the other half of the bargain."

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