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On the Seventh Day of Christmas...

Ah, still getting there ^^;

Title: Snow Angel Promise
Author: abarero
Theme: Day Seven: Snowball fight/Snow/Snow Angels
Series: Detective Conan
Pairing: Conan(Shinichi)/Ran
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing really.
Disclaimer: Detective Conan belongs to the great and wonderful Gosho Aoyama.
Anything else: Yay, got to write a flashback to little Shinichi and Ran along with some more with the Shounen Tantei. Enjoy ^^

There had been a decent amount of snow falling throughout the day. It had started light, drifting down in large fluffy flakes and speckling the ground. About mid-way through the day, it started to really come down and by early evening- it was perfect weather for playing out in the newly created snowdrifts.

This, of course, meant that the Shounen Tantei was geared up and ready to drag its two more solitary members out for some fun.

Knocking loudly on the Professor's door, they found Haibara by the computer and quickly rushed her into a coat and out the door. Meanwhile, Professor Agasa finished up his conversation with Shinichi via phone.

"They're going to be headed your way soon," He warned as the stampede in the room behind him died down.

Conan sighed, "And we still haven't worked out something to get Shinichi back on Christmas..."

"Perhaps we should look into building a fully equipped robot that you could operate."

"I think Ran might notice that something's wrong if I'm not dodging her punches, Professor."

"Ah- true true. Well, don't worry too much Shinichi. If we need to set up a power-outage and use the darkness to hide your face like last time- then that will have to do."

"Yah, I know... I just wish I could think up something else."

But before the two could discuss the matter further, the loud pounding on the door indicated that the Shounen Tantei had arrived.

Out into the snow Conan went and into the childhood wonderland of a snow-filled day. This of course, led to the usual snowball fight. And as Ayumi, Mitsuhiko and Genta teamed up against Haibara and Conan- it was looking to be an all-out war. Little did they know, their opponents had several years experience...

The battle hadn't lasted long. Between Haibara calculating the perfect angle to throw them at to Conan making snow-soccer balls to kick, the three others found themselves quickly disenchanted by the game.

Currently, they'd taken to making snow angels in the snow bank a passing plow had created. Lying back against the cool, white powder; Shinichi let his mind wander to how he'd done this many years before.

They were probably about the same age- he reasoned, thinking back to the days of his own childhood with Ran. He could remember the snowball fights the two waged on each other until their parents came to usher them back inside shivering and sneezing. Thinking on their current positions, he clearly recalled a very specific snow angel...

"Ran! What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm making a snow-angel. What does it look like, silly?"

"Ha! How can you make a snow angel when you're so far from an angel?"

Shinichi winced as one of Ran's legs kicked into his shin.


"What were you saying again?"


Plopping down in the snow next to her, his mind began to wander to his take on the childhood tradition.

"You know, I bet Sherlock Holmes could tell a lot about a person by the imprints they left in the snow."

"Oh?" Ran questioned, sitting up.

Nodding, Shinichi smirked as he pointed to the imprint behind Ran.

"See- I can tell that you have long brown hair, since some of your hair would get stuck to the snow and left behind and a light indention is left in the snow as to the length. Also, the basic make of your clothes is also documented."

Standing and pacing about the snow-angel, Shinichi put his hand to his chin in thought.

"I can tell you're right-handed because the swoop of this angel's wing is a bit deeper and taller than the other because your right-arm is stronger from constant use."

"And as we can see," Ran butted in, clearing her throat, "Next to this angel was a mystery-freak."

Pointing to the imprint Shinichi had left, they could both clearly make out the imprint of a small magnifying glass that had been in Shinichi's back pocket.

But on having Ran, even teasingly, agree with him made Shinichi smile.

"See- now we just need to add one more thing..." Walking up to the top of Ran's snow angel, he reached down and drew an oval in the snow. "A halo, am I correct?"

Ran laughed, blushing a bit as she did.

"I thought you said I wasn't one, idiot."

Coughing and blushing a bit to himself, Shinichi looked away.

"Well...ahem, by my deductions it seems that perhaps this detective can be persuaded to believe otherwise."

Standing and sidling up next to Shinichi, Ran lightly tapped his leg.

"In other words, this detective has a bruised shin and wants to go back home."

The two laughed, bickered and threw a few lopsided snowballs back and forth as they walked back to their houses.

"You're coming over for Christmas, right Shinichi?" Ran asked when they reached her door.

Turning to walk home himself, he smiled, "Of course- I wouldn't miss it for anything!"

"You're thinking about her again," The modulated voice cut in.

Conan blinked his eyes open; his memories slowly fading back away as he stared up at Haibara.


"Ran. I'd overheard your discussion with the Professor. So you're that eager to go through excruciating pain just to see her for a few minutes? It must be nice to be in a love like that."

"Oi, oi..."

Smirking at him as she stood, Haibara shrugged.

"Well, I'm usually not the type to encourage such things- but my sister always loved Christmas so I suppose, in her memory I could make an exception."

Conan's eyes widened and he jumped up beside her.

"You mean, you'll..."

"I'll talk to the Professor and see what we can come up with. It'll give me a chance to test various reaction levels again if nothing else."

"...So I'm just your guinea pig after all, eh?"

"Just promise me one thing."

On seeing her turn serious, Conan did as well.


Cracking her slight smile, Haibara looked off towards the other three children.

"Just don't do anything stupid. Christmas wouldn't be the same without another intelligent person at the table."

Walking up beside her, he nodded.

"That's a promise, Haibara. I'll be there for your guys' Christmas as Conan too."

And as the weary group of kids headed down the streets to their respective homes, Shinichi decided that for right now- being both Conan and Shinichi wasn't so bad.

"I have important people to celebrate with both of them. And..." He thought with a wide grin, "There's nothing like getting two gifts just for being yourself."

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